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  1. In the event that the User receives a damaged or incorrect Product, AyushArogyamshallrefund the original Product price, delivery, wrapping and other fees via the originalmethod of payment after the damaged or incorrect Product is returned to AyushArogyamat itscost and per its satisfaction. Alternatively, if the User requests a replacement, AyushArogyamshall dispatch the replacement item (subject to availability) once the damaged orincorrect Product is returned at AyushArogyam's cost and per its (i.e., AyushArogyam's)satisfaction. The returned Product shall be in the same condition as it was delivered andshall be dispatched back by the User within 7 days from the date of receipt. Refundsshall be processed within 21 business days from the receipt of the damaged or incorrectProduct in accordance with this clause. Every order successfully delivered shall beassumed to have been received with full satisfaction of the User if no communication isreceived by AyushArogyamwithin 7 days from the date of delivery and no claims of anynature shall be entertained thereafter.
  2. In the event that User has placed an order but the Product is out of stock or unavailablefor any other reason or is not delivered within the stipulated delivery timeline mentionedon the Website and User chooses to cancel the order, AyushArogyamshall refund the payment so processed back to User's account through which the initial payment was made. Suchrefund process shall also be completed within 25 days from the date of the originalpayment. Without limiting the operation of any other Terms herein, AyushArogyamshall notaccept liability for any late delivery or loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen ordamaged after a successful delivery has taken place.
  3. Once an order placed by User has been delivered to him/her, User cannot cancel the order. User may, for a genuine unavoidable reason, which must be shared with AyushArogyamwithin a reasonable time after the successful delivery of the order, return the deliveredProducts back to AyushArogyamat his (i.e., User's) own cost and request credit for it. In turn,AyushArogyammay, at its sole discretion, being satisfied with the reasons provided by theUser, credit the money to the User's account for future orders. Further, AyushArogyamreserves the right to deny the privilege of placing orders based upon cash payment toa user who is deemed by AyushArogyam, in its sole discretion, of abusing or otherwiseusing inappropriately the privilege of placing orders based upon cash payment. Sucha situation may occur if User places 2 or more orders based upon cash payment termsand declines or is not available to take delivery for these orders. AyushArogyamshall not be under any obligation to warn User before denying the privilege of placing ordersbased upon cash payments to him/her.
  4. AyushArogyammay use any third party logistics company, including a courier company, forthe purpose of delivering Products. All of these logistics companies are separate andindependent of AyushArogyam. In such a case, if any damage or delay is directly or indirectlyattributed to such a third party, AyushArogyamshall assume no liability whatsoever and willask User to makes all claims against such third party company. Customer should notaccept the delivery of any damaged or visibly tampered package. He/she should not opensuch a package. Instead he/she should return it immediately to the courier who deliveredthe package and inform AyushArogyamimmediately about it.